Allied Health

Our health professionals aim to prevent, diagnose and treat a range of conditions and illnesses in order to create the best patient outcomes.


Health Screening

We provide wide range of health screening services to create awareness and ensure healthy lifestyle for our patients.

Industrial complex and sunset in Portland, Oregon

Occupational Health & Industrial Hygiene

Our team of certified competent person will ensure our clients are fit at work, fit for work and to protect the health and safety of employees at work.


Outpatient Clinic

We provide comprehensive medical procedures or tests that can be done in our premise without an overnight stay for our patients.



We deliver exemplary trainings that can establish a lifelong relationship to the public, corporate and all healthcare professionals as we are committed to bring out the best in you, for you.


Travel Medicine

Our specialty lies in our wide range of vaccinations and procedures that extensively addresses various health issues to ensure you can have enjoyable travel experience with hassle-free and illness free.